Dreams: What do they mean?

Discussion in 'Paranormal' started by Katelyn, Mar 31, 2017.

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    This happened this morning and I am so bothered by it and won't stop until I get answers to why I had the damn dream. It started off pleasant and had me, James and my friend Cheyenne in it sharing one bed and James was getting annoyed I kept waking him while Cheyenne kept sleeping. And then it turned dark where there was a little girl being chased and the man grabbed her then threw her down a hill into a stream/river and she tried getting up but the man got to her and held her under and started drowning her but I woke before she could drown. The nightmare caused me to wake in a panic attack because I couldn't breathe and my heart was racing and then I burst into tears. I have a gift and I don't know if it's true but I want to know if it was a normal dream or if my gift was telling me something. I'm really curious now and I want answers so I can sleep again tonight
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    . . . Dreams of an individual represent that individual from most recent events to the far distant life experiences that individual has had and nearly all that is in between. Deciphering any nuance to specific parts you describe would seem irresponsible from an outsider as only you know the people to whom you refer and are privy to your own past.

    Taking into account all that your sensory apparatuses have experienced prior to your ascribed “nightmare” could start with your forum entry above and the people you mention in it as well as past experiences each has in common. The answer you seek is likely within you, too, as were much of the contents of your dream.

    Safe journey on your quest

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