Re-incarnation doesn't exist!!

Discussion in 'Skeptic's Discussion' started by Azreal, Jul 12, 2011.

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    . . . In my humble opinion, evidence to date suggests that homo-sapien-sapien is a work in progress, as is this thing called language – A work in progress that spans multiple thousands of years greater than the few thousand years assumed that make up recent history.

    Ask yourself, “How many times has ‘history,’ as written by learned historians, been incorrect?”

    What it is to transition, to live again, enter the afterlife, be born again, and other partial descriptions’ of corporeal and ethereal continuity, too, are a work in progress. It’s one of the reasons I find exploration a means of enlightenment – It seems ongoing. That, which is, for me, remains a great frontier, but no final frontier.

    ‘Belief without proof; conviction without examination, works well for the faithful. The science oriented would welcome the proof of “being repeatable” as it would fulfill one of the three requisites of being scientific. The business of establishing what / who repeats in context to reincarnation, however, needs some work. Perhaps, it is the language used, or languages used, or even the term ‘reincarnation’ that needs a revision of sorts.

    I’m not satisfied with current definitions of this occurrence, but neither am I in a knowledgeable position to refute others belief that it is current and taking place among individuals. There seem to be some aspects of it that suggest procreation. Some long held myths have become facts.

    Safe journey
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    I myself don't believe in reincarnation.. the soul can not live on without the body.

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