Taking a Look at Acropolis Part 2

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    The Clones

    I am in another land. The weather is cold and clear. The landscape is muddy and wet. There are dark green trees around, with intricate trunks, as if you can see them breathing.

    I am sitting in a car, watching this place, with a camera and zooming in for magnification on a hillside, miles away. It is very silent in this place, not even the sound of an animal, comes through.

    There is a campus of some kind, made of brown brick, with a cobblestone walkway, in front of the landscape. It has high and ancient towers, fences and lights all around the area, for protection.

    I don't know these people, this area, or what's going on. I have my sister Abby and Paul in the driver's seat of the car, parked, with me in the passenger seat. They are themselves but, not mentally or emotionally complete. They are stone silent, like robots.

    I have a memory when I look at Abby of a round fish tank, filled with four turtles, which are all clones. They are colored different than, a regular turtle, they have a lime green tone. I am holding and inspecting the turtles, in the glass bowl. I am a young girl.

    I come back to the present moment and it is becoming night time. On the horizon, where I am looking, I start seeing silver U.F.O's lining up, together. I zoom in, take a good photo and then panic and run, when I realize they notice me.

    The next night, I return. On the way there, in the car, we stop by a farm, with tiny pigs running about. The pigs grow into regular size. These pigs are very smart, they move slower and with more thought, than the average one.

    The car door is open and one that's pink with brown spots tries to get inside. It can't jump in time because, the car and my mind is moving too fast. It is so intelligent, it keeps trying to come in but, it also reads my mind, as we drive away and recedes its position.

    We hurry because the sun is setting now, again. We park over in a spot that resembles the mystery spot of Santa Cruz, which I know. There is a high brown rock and dark green plants, on the perimeter.

    This time, as the sun is setting, there is a large and magnificent silver dragon, on the horizon. It is spectacular. It is hovering in the air, just slightly bouncing up and down, as it holds a neutral position.

    The middle of the dragon is a moving tube that looks slender, soft, alive and magical. The look almost reminds me of velvet, if it were a metal. It even has brown eyes, which are large and have no pupils.

    It is suspended by enormous silver wings, which look identical to feathers. They are intricate, lightweight but obviously, of a living metal, as it moves, apart and together, like tiny organisms of the same species, breathing as one. They come together, to shape incredible, heart shaped wings. The wings are a softer hue, than the body of the dragon.

    I am overcome so much, by the beauty and wonder, that I find myself getting out of the car and joining the groups of people, by the brown building, which sits tall and high, like a castle.

    Abby and Paul wait in the car for me, in silence, in case anything should happen and we would need to escape.

    I slowly walk past a large group of people, in technologically advanced outfits. They are all dressed alike, just as if they are in uniform.

    This is obviously an organization of some kind, like a college, because they are all as old as I am. They are walking around and discussing the same topics, grouping together in uniformity, speaking in an unheard language.

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