Taking a Look at Acropolis Part 3

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    The outfits are dark blues, trimmed with rich browns and blacks. They are embossed in circular shapes around the neckline. There are some with swirls emanating from the chest, like a sun shape, becoming raised up, pieces of the same soul fabric, on the surface.

    The fabric has tiny designs on few, with variation, like blue roses on one exquisite jacket piece, which I detail in my mind, as I walk past a unit of students, bonding together.

    The people start to notice me. I am in black, so I don't stand out to much to be recognized, because there are some black shirts underneath, of blue blazer jackets, which my colors blend in with.

    The cobblestones are a brown and red color and they are shaped like octagons, coming together, in the center, to form a mandala.

    The mandala matches the colors of all the uniforms, buildings and environment. The mandala comes together as one, to form a large surface about eight feet altogether and across. The color from the outside is a dark brown, red and then to yellow, with lining in navy blue, black and silver.

    There is a man sitting down on a brown built in stone bench, with a white and grainy like sandy, top on it. He is very healthy, with a dark blonde shiny hair color and Earthly brown eyes.

    I feel such an attraction to his gene structure because; some of the other people look far more superior to us. He looks like he is imperfect; like we are, on our planet. The others have sharp and narrow faces and ears, shapes perfected through time.

    I grab his navy blue uniform. It feels as cotton feels and is hard and stiff, like cardboard. I am overcome with passion and I start shaking him slightly, by the opening of his jacket.

    He is slightly larger than I am; perhaps he is about five feet eight inches. He is built athletically, as if he does a lot of physical work.

    "Where are we?" I frantically shout at him. I am asking questions and he obviously can't understand me too well. He starts to shake his head and speak rapidly in another language.

    "Is that French?" I ask and then he pulls away from me, but still is sitting. He is trying to explain something to me.

    I literally jump on top of him, as if we are magnets. I say that I just love his genes and latch on, even with my legs twisted, around him. He has on black pants, too.

    He starts yelling in desperation at me. He grabs me and moves me away from him, speaking now in American; "You are a clone, where is the real you?"

    "Where is the real you." It echoes inside with emotion following close behind.

    It paralyzes me when he says that, as I start to panic about this question. Obviously, I am in dream form. "Where do you come from?" He asks again?

    I start freaking out as I see the anxiety in his eyes. A silver U.F.O. is landing where Abby and Paul are supposed to be parked. So, I try to run as fast as possible, back to the vehicle.

    When I realize how far I walked from the car, I became angry at myself. It seems like a few miles. I am walking fast, through a maze of rooms inside and hallways.

    I get a sense of urgency, as I realize there are officials, in all black and white uniforms, with hats, like paperboys but, with a black rope twisted with two pieces around the circumference of the hat, extending with a small visor to protect the eyes, asking questions, looking for someone.

    I realize it is me they are searching for. I hide in a shower room. The curtains are a navy blue color and the tile has opaque stones in them, offset by beiges and sandy whites.

    As the man is coming towards the shower, I bolt and run as fast as possible, away from this place. I am really feeling the anxiety now.

    I run back through the center of the outside of the building and everyone is drawing up close to the oval shaped U.F.O., which is landed now. They are hypnotized but, not as if they are held against their will, just by sheer fascination.

    I could feel the urge to watch who was coming out of the U.F.O., overtake me but, I was extremely worried for my family and safety. I wanted to know so badly what was inside but, I knew that if I did, I could possibly never return home.

    I arrive back at the car, which seems to be changing colors every day and we leave in silence, driving slow, so that we don't draw too much attention, away from the spaceship, that has just landed.

    Wednesday, February 1st 2017

    U.F.O. Falling

    I am outside in a green pasture, with my husband and also Josh Flagg from the t.v. show, Million Dollar Listing, on the Bravo channel. Josh is wearing a night blue suit and black sunglasses. My husband and I are in black pants and t-shirts.

    There is a crowd of people that comes to gather by us. Across from us is a deep hollow, which comes into perspective, as it rises into a high hill. I see a lot of tangerine, coral and white colors, in their clothing.

    The reason that the people are coming over, is because there is a U.F.O hovering over us and they are screaming, to try and save us: "It's going to crash!"

    The U.F.O. is silver and resembles a pan flute, in design. The ribbons of material are easily seen, layered about, below the machine. The craft is hollow, like the legendary musical instrument but, there is a feeling I have, like life dwells inside of it.

    It stops right above us three and then launches itself into the abyss, crashing. It is blazon and goes up; into smoke. There is a huge explosion and a fire.

    The people are freaking out, while the three of us are in shock. I keep hearing in my head, "There's a foreign body, invading the atmosphere."

    Then, I know that it crashed because the surrounding area of Earth, detected the metal as foreign and did not let it survive, much like how our bodies attack strange matter.

    For more of my dreams, please visit:


    Alien Acropolis

    As we evolve as civilizations, separated by vast oceans and limitless knowledge, we can only reach those divine places by connecting with higher sources of love, such as familiarity with family, homelands, dreams, spiritual past lives, passions and symbols for what we all perceive as the greater good.

    We let the good in, we let the bad out and from there and cities are built. Our people are those around us, every day, mirroring the heart we hold inside. Many of us rise up together, to create these realms in many dimensions; building temples, legends, Gods, and hoping to breach the divide, where the alien light hides.


    We go where we are not allowed, where our minds cannot reach, there is where the truth hides from us; beyond, digging deeper into space, like spirits, on the run.These places that helped to teach us, can still connect us to these heavenly Gods and ideas. We can time travel to these locations, through the art of history and meditation, carving out a steady foundation, in the ground, until there are towers and persons all around, waiting to be found. Once we reach the peak, alien forces will tear us down again, onto the ground and we will call it destiny. The planet is cycling, revolving, nurturing and destroying our dwellings, to challenge us to face a foe that is coming. Build the strongest walls around your soul and do not let the darkness in.

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